Pet transport

Are you looking for a professional pet transport service to help transport your pet comfortably? Whether you’re looking for a dog-, cat-, rodent, hare or bird transport, Mastin Lounge Transport is the right choice for you. I am your reliable partner in both national and international areas, and offer a door-to-door service. You can come to me if you want to convey your pet domestically, but also if you have purchased or sold a pet, if you have a vacation planned, if you’re moving or planning to emigrate, or if you want to winter together with your pet. In addition, there can naturally be many more reasons why you might need to transport your pet, such as visiting a veterinarian, animal clinic, pet boarding facility, grooming salon, or an airport. I can also take care of this for you, wherever it may be in the Netherlands or Europe. I like to put our minds together and think about the many possibilities of getting your pet to its destination in the safest and most comfortable way.

My personal guidance

I travel all across Europe, offer proper transportation and drive in a safe and comfortable way. I offer you the possibility to both private- and combined transportation. You will only have to deal with one point of contact and your pet will be escorted by me personally. That way your dog, cat, bird, fish, rodent or hare won’t feel any stress and will always have a familiar face next to it. It does not matter whether it is your own pet or an animal you have bought, sold, adopted, or found; I can transport any animal to and from any destination. Even if it is outside Europe, thanks to my collaboration with agents who handle air transport.

The Mastin Lounge Transport service

A lot of animals get very anxious whilst being transported. From the moment they get on a van, plane or train, they can experience a feeling of stress. As a pet owner, you obviously want to prevent that as much as you can. It is therefore always my highest priority to transport your pet in a calm, safe, but also a familiar way. 

I own two vehicles that are approved according to the RDW guidelines, for the transportation of live animals. In addition, the vehicles have an NVWA Type 2 license for transporting live animals for longer than 8 hours. Mastin Lounge Transport is registered in the Traces NT system. In the event that something happens en route, both the vehicles and the animals are insured. The vehicle is isolated, has a ventilation system and is equipped with both air-conditioning and heating. Because of the air-conditioning and heating there is always a pleasant temperature for every animal on the vehicle. In addition, a water cooling system ensures that the proper humidity levels are maintained. There is a frost-free water tank underneath the vehicle, so there is always enough fresh water available. This tank also has a hose attached to it so that, if needed, the vehicle can be cleaned. 

The animals are transported by me personally. That way, they will always have a familiar face next to them. I make sure the animals feel at home as much as possible by feeding them and letting them rest at their usual hours. There is also plenty of room available for your pet’s blankets, baskets and toys. The animals are never out of sight thanks to the cameras in the back of the vehicles. The screen in the cabin provides a view of each animal, allowing for appropriate action to be taken if necessary. 

I believe it is important to be transparent about the progress of the journey, so both the sender and the receiver are kept informed about the animal's well-being through photos and messages. Of course, you will also receive real-time updates on the expected pickup and delivery times.

Mastin Lounge Transport is able to transport pets of all sizes and can easily adapt the magnitude of the bus to your pet’s size. Both small rabbits and large dogs will then be able to enjoy enough room during our travels. Furthermore, the vehicles have spacious, airy kennels that are customized to the size and/or needs of the animals. No matter how large your pet is, even the EXTRA large dog breeds can find a suitable (XXL) kennel with us.

I have years of experience on how to handle pets of different breeds and sizes, so I will do everything I can to meet the needs of your pet. Your pet will get all the attention they deserve. I will transport your pet as I would my own. I specialize in transporting large dog breeds, but pets of all sizes are welcome with me, even the smallest ones.

Do you want to transport your pet by plane? Mastin Lounge Transport, together with her partners, can take care of that for you from A to Z. This service is also delivered door-to-door. Whether that is about road transport to or from the airport, guided flights or cargo flights; we have a fitting solution for every form of aerial transport. Here, you can read more about the possibilities for national, international and global transport.

It is possible that the date of the road or air transport may not align with the presence of the recipient of the animal. No worries, I can offer a solution for this as well. I provide the option to have your pet stay in a safe and pleasant environment for as long as needed, both within the Netherlands and abroad. This is available for any animal regardless of size, breed, or temperament. Your pet can be accommodated both before and after arrival, in a homely setting or boarding facility that offers the same level of service as mine.

To make my service complete, I can also ship and pick up pet supplies such as cages, kennels, dog strollers, scratching posts, and much more, both within and outside the Netherlands. You can rest assured that these will arrive safely and promptly at their destination. Feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

More information, planning an appointment or requesting a quotation?

Mastin Lounge Transport offers professional pet transport where the needs and the wellbeing of the animals are always a first priority. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you require more information about the rates. Do you have any questions or would you like to talk about the possibilities? I like thinking along with you about a fitting solution for your situation. Contact me by calling 085-0004700 or by sending me an e-mail. You can also leave a message for me in the contact form. I will respond as soon as possible.

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