My name is Anita Zwanepol 

My name is Anita Zwanepol and I have been involved with animals around me all my life. Because of my expertise that I have gained through my own dogs, I like to transport your animal. 

My bus is now fully equipped for the transport of all types and sizes of dogs. Kennels have been made in the bus and a ventilation system has been built in. There is a view of the dogs at all times. All kennels on the bus can be dismantled, which means that I always take 3 for myself, but there can also be more or less, depending on the size of the dogs. So NO 20 dogs, I want to be able to transport the dogs with peace of mind and personal guidance. So if you want to have your dogs transported regionally, nationally or internationally in a calm manner and with personal guidance, you can always contact me, whether it concerns a trip to the vet, moving or getting a dog from abroad.... .EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

Of course also for your cat or rodent. We use well-approved benches. 

I would like to meet you sometime. You too??