Mastin Lounge Transport; for national animal transport

Do you want to transport your pet domestically? Then Mastin Lounge Transport is the right place for you. I am able to transport your pet(s) either by car or by bus.

I offer door-to-door service at all times. This enables me to offer both private and combined transport. Private transport can be reserved on a set fixed time and date. Do you have multiple pets? No problem, they can travel together. My bus offers plenty of room. That also applies when you have multiple, different types of pets. The amount of pets I am able to take at once is of course dependant on their size. The animals having enough room to feel comfortable, is something I value a lot. I never transport too many animals at once, so that I can ensure my ability to provide them with the personal attention they deserve.

A safe and pleasant ride.

Mastin Lounge Transport always has your pet’s wellbeing as a first priority. You can use the kennels on our bus, or I can disassemble them to allow your pet to be transferred by transport box or cage. Please remember to inform us about your preferred mode of transportation when setting an appointment. I will then take this into account. Your pet will have plenty of fresh water to drink and enough pauses in between, should they need them. After all, I want them to be transported as pleasant as possible.

Thanks to my years of knowledge and experience, I have become an expert in knowing what your pet needs. I will do anything in my power to fulfil his or her needs. To make the trip as comfortable as possible, I will try to imitate your home situation as good as I can. Feel free to give us as many blankets, baskets or toys your pet uses. 

To allow your pet to be transported in a comfortable way, my only request is for you to put any small animals in a suitable transport box, with enough room for ventilation.

Set your appointment on time

Mastin Lounge Transport provides professional pet transport on a national level. Do you have any questions, want to make an appointment or receive a quotation? Then by all means, leave a message on the contact page. You can also call 085-0004700 or send an e-mail. Looking forward to seeing you!

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