Are you looking for private pet transport by bus in or from/to the Netherlands? Are you moving, emigrating or on holiday with your pets? Call Mastin Lounge Transport. We drive for you in and through the whole of the Netherlands and all of Europe. 

• door-to-door service 

• a break is made every 3 hours 

• fresh drinking water is always available 

• all dog breeds are welcome and of course cats and rodents too 

• experienced driver 

• safe transport

We only offer private transport and drive exclusively for your pet. You only have one point of contact. Your pet is always personally supervised by me. You will spend the night together with the pet in a hotel/guesthouse (barring calamities). I will regularly inform you about the course of the trip via messages. We offer this unique service to owners of all pets. 

If you want to use our services, make an appointment well in advance for this transport, otherwise availability is not guaranteed. Dutch but also English and German are spoken and barked. 

Air transport is of course also possible. We are happy to make a separate appointment for this