The Car.

Every guest gets their own safe and comfortable place in a spacious, specially equipped bus. We place high demands on the safe transport of pets, which is why the bus is equipped with professional kennels. The kennels can be converted into an extra spacious kennel. Even large dogs have enough space. 

The bus is insulated and equipped with air conditioning and an electric roof fan. The roof ventilator can both blow fresh air into the room from outside and exhaust air from the room to the outside, so that the air circulation is as good as possible. During the winter months, the bus is equipped with winter tires. 

The standard equipment also includes a first aid kit, plenty of fresh drinking water, various dog leashes, a large pile of towels and dog biscuits of course! 

We are not affiliated with a branch organization but meet the following criteria; 

. Registration Chamber of Commerce 

. MOT approved bus 

. Bus with a partition between the front and rear cabin 

. Ventilation in the bus and fully insulated, the bus is cleaned and disinfected after each transport. 

. The pets cannot leave the bus if an outside door opens.